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Insight into Session and Content

Multi Gbps Layer 7 session reconstruction

Full visibility of application, subscriber and device activities

Content based provisioning and pattern matching

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Panoramic View of Social Networks

Build to face the constantly changing environment of the web

Automatic web application changes detection

Clear visualization of social networks interactions

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Network Function Virtualization Ready

Robust software based IP Probe and Analysis engine

NFV DPI component available on KVM, VMWare and XEN technologies

Allowing customer to virtualize DPI and analysis functions

Content-Aware Packet Inspection at Wire Speed

Our Technology

WireX Systems innovative software based IP-probe and content-based analysis engines represent a revolution in IP interception and wire speed reconstruction of Web 2.0 protocols and applications.

WireX Systems multi process packet analysis engines are designed to meet the challenges of web 2.0 dynamic environment without needing to re-write the engines every time a new version is released.

The company’s software-based DPI probe is responsible for real time classification of IP sessions while filtering and tagging information according to layer 2-7.

Available as virtualized probe, ARM based appliance or a 2U server the DPI probe is providing powerful filtering and pattern matching capabilities to extract relevant data in real time.

Handling up to 100 Gbps on a single 2U COTS machine, WireX Systems achieves the best cost performance solution in the market, for high volume network intelligence. Content-Aware Packet Inspection at Wire Speed

Content-Aware Packet Inspection at Wire Speed

WireX systems tech - Content-Aware Packet Inspection at Wire Speed